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Increase CTR by 22.7%

Google study shows that viewers are more likely to click an efographic than an infographic.

Engages 10 out of 10 of your viewers

Now, you don't have to choose just one photo to share your email newsletter.

You've already done the work

You've spent time creating your email newsletter, now convert it to an efographic for easy sharing.

Integrates well with email platforms (i.e.MailChimp)

Copy and paste archive links to make an efographic in seconds.

Paste in the link to your email newsletter or infographic and click create

Take a snapshot of your email newsletter with the click of a button.

Choose how you want your efographic to look

Use a slider to adjust your efographic to be full length or fit it to a box for optimal viewing.

Share on your social networks or embed on your website

We've made it easy to distribute your new efographic online in seconds.

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What is an efographic? An efographic ("efo" for short) is an optimized snapshot of an email newsletter that "feels" like an infographic. is a web app that makes creating efos quick and easy.

We love beautiful newsletters and interesting infographics. When we saw that the sharing of these longer pieces of content was ugly, we made a tool that makes sharing more attractive.

Email newsletters and infographics take a long time to make. So we wanted to make you get the most out of your content by turning it into an efographic.

We are excited to introduce you to efographics. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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